CS39820 – Business IT group project – Week 9

Week 9

24th  – 30th November 2015

Time spent on project this week: 8 hours


This Week’s lecture started off by Bernie giving general feedback on our Interim group presentations. He told us what he found good and what we missed out on doing in general a whole class and could improve on for the final presentation (e.g. defining roles within the business structure, according to Bernie very few groups had done this). We were told that during the Dragon’s Den presentation, we need to remember that most of our listeners won’t be IT professionals and therefore we would need to use general terms and simplify or explain things better, if they were technical. As a general outline, we were told to do the following in our final presentation:

  • Define a clear structure of your group, what roles there are and who they are taken by.
  • What unique expertise we possess, that will help, carry forward the business.
  • Explain the practicality of the project, target audience and why it will be a success.
  • Present evidence! Use your surveys, citations and market research to sell the business idea.

We then proceeded to Data flow diagrams. We learnt what they are used for, what they are not supposed to be used for, different styles of DFDs and three types of components that they use:

Ovals – Represent the functions that process the data.
Rectangles – Represent the data stores.
Arrows – Show the relationship between functions.

We learnt that data can go function – function, function – datastore, or datastore – function.

We then looked at an example of a conference app and its components. We step by step looked at what its DFD would contain and how it would be represented with two possible answers.

BIT group project 

We had a two hour meeting, wherein we looked at the progress we had made as a group so far and at what is still to be done. We discussed all tasks that still needed to be done individually and Although we were making excellent progress, I felt that the technology plan was still behind schedule and most of the technology plan still needed to be submitted to myself for compilation. I therefore asked the group to focus on their technology plan tasks and send me their final work to compile.

I spent an hour researching the work on how to do the early user evaluation and looked at examples. I found out that to do an early user evaluation properly, we would need a good market research, for which we needed the survey to be completed, Tufael offered to create a survey and email it to us, so we could forward it to our friends and family.

I spent an hour creating minutes for our meeting.

I spent two hours working on the business and marketing report. I had been given sections 15 and 16, which involved writing about the staff e.g.:

  • Role of the individual members.
  • How much they will be paid (their annual cost).
  • Necessary experience that will support them with their role.
  • Their skills and qualifications.

I started doing research for section 16 (premises) and will complete it for next week.




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