CS39820 – Business IT group project – Week 8

Week 8

17th  – 23rd November 2015

Time spent on project this week: 15 hours


At the beginning of the lecture, there was a tell us now survey planned. As Bernie had allowed more time for it than it was in the end, we had a shorter lecture than usual. In the lecture we went over what we were expected to deliver in our presentation on Friday. Bernie explained that we would have a half an hour slot allocated for our group, in which we were expected to deliver our presentation for fifteen minutes and allow 15 minutes for any questions that follow.  We then discussed in detail the following points for the presentation:

Roles in your team – who are you and who is doing what?
• Product: what is your business idea? This will include explaining its functionality, preferably with screens
• Business plan so far: what kind of company will you be, what will you sell    and how will you make money?
• Marketing plan so far: what is the market, what have you done to explore it, and what is still to do?
• What still needs doing to complete the project?
Questions: None
Business IT group project
This week we held various meetings to create and prepare our presentations.
Tue 17th meeting to work on presentation – 3:30h 

We met at the library to create a list of rough ideas, for how we were going to structure our presentation and what slides and content we would have. IMG_8838

Following this, we started creating slides on PowerPoint, and made a start to the actual presentation, following the notes that we had created earlier.

Wed. 18th November meeting to continue presentation – 2:30h
In this meeting, we continued working on the presentation and added further ideas onto the presentation, in order to finalise it for Thursday and start preparing the pitch and what we will be saying.
Individual work: After the meeting ended, I worked at home, to style the presentations professionally and add more content and made the slides look more professional and visually attractive. The duration of this was 4 hours.

Thu. 19th November, meeting to finish presentation – 2h 

In this group meeting I presented the final version that I had made on the previous day, and the group agreed that the structure, design and content was better and we headed forward with that design. We added some extra content to the presentation and finalised how many slides there will be and what their content will be. We divided the slides amongst members of our group and the group was tasked, to go home and prepare our pitch for the delivery of our slides.
Individual work: I worked on the slides and finalised the additional slides, that we decided on in the meeting. I also wrote my pitch and rehearsed it. – Time taken: 2:30h

Fri. 20th November, final meeting and rehearsal for presentation – 1:30h

On Friday morning, we held our final meeting, where I showed everyone the final design and we went through the entire presentation as a group and timed our pitches to make sure we were within the 15 minute timeframe.



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