CS39820 – Business IT group project – Week 7

Week 7 

10th November  – 16th November 2015

Time spent on project this week: 13 hours


As it was work week, there was no lecture this week.

Questions: None


Business IT group project

Group meetings – This week we held a total of two group meetings, with a total duration of three hours. In the first meeting we first looked at the marketing plan and saw if there was anything missing from it and added/ removed sections accordingly. We discussed how far we have come on the marketing plan, and what still needed to be done. We then brainstormed through various ideas of section 12 as a group exercise. In the second meeting we looked at what the group had accomplished so far, in the technology plan, and what needed to be done. We looked at the “Running of the business” part of the business report, and discussed its content, how and when we will go about doing it.

Completing the minutes of the meetings – 3 hours

As I was asked last week to start doing minutes of our meetings. I created four sets of minutes for our four previous meetings, and what the tasks were, that had been assigned, when we expected them to be completed and if they had actually been done. The minutes also contained a summary of where the meetings were held, their duration and what was discussed in the meetings.

Compiling the work into business plan – 4 hours

There were three sets of work, that I had received from the group. I had a look through all of them, checked the references, and corrected any mistakes. Some of the work I had received, I felt was not enough, therefore I had to do some extra research and write further into the subject. I showed my work and additions to the group and they agreed it was indeed missing, and should have been added.

Doing section 11 of the business plan – 3 hours

This part of the business plan involved, identifying our competitors and profiling their businesses. I first identified from a list on the AppStore, who our biggest competitors were. I downloaded the apps that were most popular and shortlisted the the two most popular competitors. I then went about  profiling their various strengths and weaknesses. I spoke about how we could take inspirations from their strengths and avoid committing the same mistakes that they had made, in order to be more popular and stronger than the competitors.


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