CS39820 – Business IT group project – Week 6

Week 6 

3rd November – 9th November 2015

Time spent on project this week: 18 hours


The lecture this week was very interactive. Bernie first gave a lecture, going into details of USPs and what exactly is meant by the term and why they are so important. After that we were told to discuss within our groups, and identify what our USPs were. Bernie then went around from group to group and asked us all what our ideas were and questioned us critically giving us an insight of what the potential risks and disadvantages could be. I found this very useful, as it gave us an insight of what kinds of questions we could be grilled on and should be ready to answer when delivering the Dragon’s Den presentation. We identified our Unique Selling Points as being:

  1. We are offering a social network for cooking, similar to what YouTube did for videos, Facebook did for social networking and LinkedIn for professional networking.
  2. We will have an algorithm in place, which will calculate quantities and a timer, in accordance with how many portions are being cooked. For this a template will be given to users to write down their cooking methods. This will provide uniformity within the app and make it easier to follow instructions for novices.

What have I learned

This week we mainly continued to work towards our targets from last week. I wrote on Section 11 of the Business plan – profiling customers. For this section, I had to look at potential competitors and see what their strengths and weaknesses were. It was very helpful to identify the competition, as this gave me and our group a good idea of what we could do to our project and what we should avoid doing at all costs. First of all, there were not many apps that did the same thing as we are. However I managed to shortlist two apps, out of which only one allowed user submitted content like our app will. It did not look like it is well maintained, the format of the app was optimised for a mobile phone model that was released three years ago. Another thing that was annoying as a consumer, was the fact that although both apps were free on the app store, to view 90% of the content, a subscription was necesary and none of the apps clarified how exactly to subscribe, but prompted with every touch that you do subscribe. This was reflected in the App-Store reviews by users. I therefore think it’s important to not bait users, but be honest with them in the first place and put a price tag on the app store in the first place and thereafter, have no subscription charges, as it does irritate the user.


This week I have managed to complete the task assigned to me on the business plan (Section 11) and added it to our draft of the business plan. Here is a small summary of what I did for section 11:

  • In detail, studied the strengths of our competitor apps.
  • In detail, looked at the weaknesses of our competitor apps.
  • Discussed, how we can improve on their offerings.
  • Spoke about what would make us appear more lucrative to customers.

We had a one hour group meeting this week. We checked progress and saw discussed a few topics as a group, to make sure we are all on the same page. We looked at drafts of the Use-case diagram and made some adjustments to it. After instructions from my group members, I have also started to compose minutes of our meetings and circulate them to all members of the group, so that they can have an oversight of what was discussed and what needs to be done.

I spent an hour doing research, going through the lectures and seeing how I can implement them, when compiling the report.

I did some research on how to write minutes for meetings, as I have a busy schedule this week, I will probably start next week and catch up on the previous meetings as well.

I spent two hours on checking the work I had received, structuring, formatting etc. and compiling the business plan.



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