CS39820 – Business IT group project – Week 5

Week 5

27th October – 2 November 2015

Time spent on project this week: 21 hours


In this week’s lecture we talked about marketing and how to work on the marketing plan. We went through what exactly marketing is and looked at four classical aspects of marketing. We learnt that a market positioning contains the answers, or your stance on the following four aspects of the business: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. We also looked at the 7 O’s which are an alternative look at the same thing. We looked at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and discussed what levels we should be targeting for our business. We then looked at market research and what the market research process is:

  • Define the problem
  • Define the research objectives
  • Choose data sources
  • Choose appropriate research methods
  • Construct a sample
  • Undertake research
  • Analyse and evaluate results

We then looked at a case study of a Welsh teaching app and discussed what its marketing plan looked like and how it answered all of the questions/ sections described above. Finally we spoke about marketing research, the various ways to conduct it and which ways are effective when.

What have I learned

This week we held two internal meetings. In the second meeting we sat down together and drew a rich picture as a group. We drew what the different entities. We had a disagreement in our group due to the rich picture, as Bernie’s example involved quite a lot of text, but the rich pictures we did in CS28310 last year, explained entirely through pictures what was happening. The pictures were all very subjective, and perhaps wouldn’t have made sense to an outsider and are there purely for the group’s understanding of the business. We therefore had to research on google, what other examples of rich pictures were, and we found that even those had almost no text. We therefore decided to go with the style of rich picture that was taught to us last year, with minimal text. We also researched DFDs, Use case diagrams and storyboards. So that we could implement those in our Technology plan.

IMG_8754Above is a picture of a draft of the Rich picture design that we decided to use for our project.


In our first group meeting on 29th October we discussed how we will carry on with our business plan. We looked at the various sections, and decided how and what we should write for those sections. Once we had an idea between ourselves, of what we are to write, we divided up the tasks as follows:

Tufael – will be doing Section 9 and Section 14 of the Business plan

Aloysius – Will be doing section 10 of the Business plan

Moad – Will be doing Section 12 and Section 13

Awais – Will be doing Section 11 and the final compilation of the report.

We also discussed during the meeting that we will need to start working on the technology plan, and therefore booked a seminar room at the Hugh Owen Library for Saturday, 31st October.

31st October – Technology plan

In this meeting we went step by step through the various tasks of the technology plan, discussed how they should be done, and finally assigned tasks to members of the group as follows:-

Early user evaluation – Awais

Storyboard – Aloysius

Use case diagram – Tufael

Rich picture diagram – Moad


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