CS39820 – Business IT group project – Week 4

Week 4 

20th October – 26th October

Time spent on project this week: 23 hours


In this week’s lecture, we covered the deliverables of the module, what they are and what we are expected to be delivering, how and when. This meant looking through each of the components that we were to add to our business, marketing and technology plan. The lecture gave an insight to how much time we should be allocating to a single component of the final group project and which ones need more detail and attention than others.

The first deliverable is the Business plan, the lecture taught us what the requirements are of a good business project. We looked at how much time we should be spending on the project per week and what is expected from us e.g. holding and attending internal group meetings; setting goals for each member etc. We also covered the kind of structure our business plan should have, and we looked at a few examples of good projects from last year.

The marketing plan was related to looking at how we would get our product out there to the public, how to make it look professional and sell the product. The marketing plan also includes the questions of how we will promote the business idea and make people come to us.

Finally we looked at how we should pitch our ideas in a presentation and how not to do it, we looked at a bad Dragon’s Den pitch online, the mistakes that were committed in that pitch were, miscalculation of figures, inarticulate or unbacked up arguments, that did not hold any significance to what the investors actually wanted to know. Also, the bad pitch was an example to not start arguing with the investors and remain calm and professional throughout the time that the idea is being pitched, and when the dragons ‘grill’ the candidate. This gave us an idea of what additions we should make and make sure that we know enough about our project, do enough research and believe in our idea prior to doing our presentation, so that we are prepared on the day and aren’t forced to start debating with the dragons.

What have I learned 

This week, we organised two meetings with a total duration of three hours, wherein we discussed how we will be structuring our business plan and who will take certain sections of the business plan. From this I learnt what the individual strengths of the group were. Everyone chose the sections that they were most comfortable working with and it was great to see the diversity of skills within our group. Secondly as the QA manager, I have taken the responsibility to compile all the work to complete the report. It is my job to proofread the documents from each group member, make amendments if necessary and then compile it into a single document. This has taught me to always be in communication with my fellow group members and taught me time management skills, as this takes a great deal of time to proofread, format and keep all the work in balance.


I was assigned to do sections 6 (What the business does) and 7(What makes your project different) of the group project. For section 6 I looked at my notes from our group meetings, which defined the application, what our group will be doing, structure etc. For section 7 I had to research online and look how our competitors worked, how we were different and defined what our Unique Selling Points (USPs) are. I then wrote on the following:

  • The concepts of what the business will do.
  • Features and Unique selling points (USPs).
  • Advantages of the application for the user.
  • What makes the application different to existing apps in the same category on app stores?

I spent 1 hour updating my blog.

I spent 2 hours reading up the lecture notes and doing more study of the topics that we covered and looked at. This involved looking at how other people have done business, marketing and technical plans before.

thirty minutes completing the business idea proposal form.

We held an hour long group meeting, which was mostly used to divide up certain sections of the work amongst ourselves and briefly discussing each topic amongst us to give an outline of what our views as a group are.

As I am the QA manager, it has also been my responsibility to get everyone’s work, proofread the work, format it into a single format, amend some things and then compile it into a single document. I feel this group structure has proven to be very useful, as everyone knows to send me their work. It also gives me the chance to learn about every single section of the report, whilst checking the work. I think the major achievement for me is that, I have started my job as QA manager and that I have started compilation of the business report. On this role, I have spent about 6 hours this week doing various kinds of work.


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