CS39820 – Business IT group project – Week 3

Week 3
13th September – 19th October 2015

Time spent on project: 15 hours


This week’s lecture talked about the scope of the project. We looked at what previous module content would be useful to look at for the group project. We went through the suggested process with six individual processes:

  1. Rich pictures
  2. Scenarios
  3. Storyboards
  4. Early user evaluation (Minimum viable product)
  5. Data flow diagrams (DFD)
  6. Identification of risk

We finally looked at what parts of the project we need to document and how to go about it. In conclusion: the lecture gave a very well defined outline, of what the project should look like when finished and also gave us many ideas on how to start work on the project and what to focus on, when doing it.

What have I learned 

This week I went through previous lectures from modules from the previous years. I looked at how to do Rich pictures, storyboards etc. I also had a look at the QA documents from the group project last year, to see how to best do the tasks that I would have to do as a QA manager. I researched the various kinds of documentation that needs to be done, when designing an app, what kind of costs you are looking at, how you go about making money etc.


This week, we had a total of two group meetings. As a group we came to the decision that we will be going ahead with the cooking app idea put forward by Moad. A general outline of the project is as follows:

1 – Cooking(Ingredients) manual app:

This web-based application is a cooking manual shows the ingredients of different meals, yes there is many apps like this already out there in the market but I believe after researching the different existing cooking apps it showed what competition is out that. Therefore I thought of introducing a new idea to these cooking apps which is by searching different dishes from different countries. The way I thought of the search mechanism is that world map appears at the users screen in which then he/she can click on different continents then to choose a country in which a list of all the meals of that country appears with their recipes and a video tutorial in which it shows how it is cooked. I personally believe that this would be a successful app because I believe the app will make people to know more about different cultures just from the dishes. In terms of the how the money can be made from the app is that there would small fee of £1 to install the app and subscribe to the app.

Above is an excerpt taken from Moad’s blog (https://benzeglam.wordpress.com)

 We made a list of what deliverables the project will have and an approximate time to have these deliverables ready. We filled out the proposed business venture form, wherein we proposed the app, decided a name, short description and a service proposal. We also listed down what potential risks and benefits the project presented. A short summary is presented below:

         App name: Go Cook!
Price: 99p
Description: A simple cooking app, with user contributed content.
Benefits: Good way to get students cooking, international dishes,          .        single time payment, etc.
Problems: Existing similar apps, USPs could be copied, hard to get                .         noticed


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