CS39820 – Business IT group project

Week 1 – 29th September – 5th October 2015

Time spent on project: Less than 1 hour

During the Introductory lecture, we learnt the learning outcomes of the module, which focuses on working together to plan an IT solution for a business opportunity. The following will be assessed:

  • Interim group presentation in November.
  • Weekly individual diary (blog) entries – continuous assessment.
  • Group Report due in December.
  • Individual report due in January.

What have I learned
As part of the project, we tried to form a team of people who have different strengths and abilities, such as leadership, administrative and presentation skills. We spent too long looking for the perfect people, leading us into a position, where most people have already found another group to join. For next time, I have learned to form a group before most people finish joining groups.

Thus far, our group consists of two members (myself included), with limited qualities and there are voids that need to be filled, by having more members.



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