CS22120 – Group projec

Week 1 – 07.10. – 14.10.2014

 (Time spent on project this week: approx. 1 hour)

First of I read the documents SC.QA.01; SC.QA.02 on blackboard to get an idea of what the group project was about.

My task for this week was to draw a general outline of what the web pages for the Web-based part of the Reserve Plant Species Recording (RSPR) could look like. I proposed four pages:

  1. List of records – a publicly visible page with an image, name, places of occurrence and a short summary.
  2. I proposed a login page, to alter/ manage the records, to avoid unauthorised changes. (This idea could be scrapped)
  3. Database of all the items, with options to add/remove new species of plants.
  4. When clicked on the List page, a dedicated page for that plant. With full information and map of where it is found. (There will be multiple pages of this format depending on amount of plants)

Finally I created a GitHub account and sent my username to Jon, and sent my Skype ID to Chris for online meetings.

Week 2 14.10. – 21.10.2014

(Time spent on project this week:  >15 minutes)

In the tutorial we discussed, that we need to hold an internal meeting and we agreed to hold it on Saturday (18th October) at 1:30pm in the PJM lounge. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the meeting as I had to go home due to unforeseen circumstances. Prior to going I informed our project leader of this. I have read through the minutes to get an understanding of what took place and what was discussed

We have set an internal deadline of 23.10.14 to hand in the project plan to Chris Malton. We have also decided to hold another group meeting on that date. My task is to complete the design of the UI of the web application and send it to Chris before the group meeting.

Week 3 – 21.10. – 28.10.2014

(Time spent on project this week: 3h)

My task for this week was to design a UI for the web part of the project, so that it can be sent to Chris for the project plan. I have completed and sent the UI design and a summary of what purpose each page serves and what it has to offer. It has been included in the project plan.

The website will have two pages, one to manage and another to just view the records. It will be possible for anyone to publicly view the page, and authorised users will be able to edit, add and remove records.

Week 4 – 28.10. – 04.11.2014

(Time spent on project this week: 2:15h)

This week we decided that the web and java group, split up and take individual tasks. I have been assigned to do FR7 of web SE.QA.6 and we will be creating different tests to make sure, that when the website is created, we have a set of guidelines to test the different aspects of the website.

Week 5 – 04.11. – 11.11.2014

(Time spent on project this week: 1:30h )

This week I published the final version of FR7 online, so that Chris can add it to the test specification. Also held a group meeting to go through the Test Specification written by Chris Malton as a group, and change anything that might need changing.

Week 6 – 11.11. – 18.11.2014

(Time spent on this project this week: None)

Unfortunately, I could not attend any of the two meetings scheduled for this, as I had to go home. I did let the group know of this via Skype. I read through the minutes of both meetings to keep myself updated. I have been assigned to complete a component diagram for the website by Monday, 24th November.

Week 7 – 18.11. – 25.11.2014

(Time spent on project this week: 1 hour)

This week I spent researching what components of the web are to be able to design the web component diagram. I drafted a rough design of what it could possibly encompass and I will be presenting it to the group in our group meeting on Tuesday. Any changes will be made according to need and a final version should be completed within the week.

Week 8 – 25.11. – 02.12.2014

(Time spent on project this week: 3 hours)

This week I completed researching the component diagram and handed it in. The next task for me is to design the web database. Peter will be adding a database to a MySQL server, I will take it from there.

Week 9 – 02.12. – 09.12.2014

(Time spent on project this week: 2 hours) 

Chris has uploaded the database and emailed us the information required to display it on our webpage. I have been working on a page, which will display the database that Peter has uploaded the MySQL server. It has not yet been completed as I am struggling to display the table on a page as of yet, but I should have it all figured out after consulting with Peter on how to display it.

Coding Week – 14.01. – 21.01. 2015

(Time spent on project this week: 35 hours)

At the beginning of the week, I assisted the web team, in making little changes to the website and finalising it before publishing it. Later on during the week, I started assisting the web team, wherein most of my tasks consisted of researching certain topics that the coders would need, and helping them find what they needed.

Post coding week – 22.01.2015 – Present

(Time spent on project this week: 4 hours)

I have been assigned the task of writing up about the limitations and suggestions for improvements of the website. For this I visited various parts of the website, and looked at anything that should be added or improved if the website was to be updated. I have tested the website on various web browsers on a number of devices to see its limitations.


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